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30 interesting commands for the Linux shell – Víctor López Ferrando

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Tags: shell linux howto command-line shell-scripting www.lopezferrando.com
Clipped on: 2017-09-16

Víctor López Ferrando

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Anonymous   •   2 days ago

Great :)

Anonymous   •   2 days ago

# 1000 KBs = 1 MB
Should that be 1024?

Rob   •   2 days ago

Almost all of these also run on Unix and BSD, as is, or with differently named programs so they are not Linux only.

Anonymous   •   2 days ago

Nice list. This happens almost on a daily basis after nearly 20yrs... what was that command, scratches head, consult apropos, search man pages, search internet, explore candidates & multitude of options, age significantly, eventually remember http://www.commandlinefu.com/

Megamind   •   2 days ago

Can haz jupyter notebooks for things like this?

Anonymous   •   2 days ago

># 1000 KBs = 1 MB
>Should that be 1024?

That would be MiB, not MB.

Anonymous   •   2 days ago

"/usr/bin/time" can be replaced with "command time".

Anonymous   •   2 days ago

mlocate is a good replacement for find.
very fast, searches over the entire system.
sudo updatedb, mlocate pattern

tth   •   2 days ago

UUOC in #17 ?

David Okwii   •   2 days ago

ls -lSh will list files by size in human readable format

Anonymous   •   2 days ago

> # 1000 KBs = 1 MB
> Should that be 1024?
It has been quite some time now that we are using the SI standard where a kilo-something is 1000 something, a mega-something is 1000 kilo-something, and so on. Therefore 1000KB is 1MB.
We use the IEC prefixes kibibyte (KiB), mebibyte (MiB), and all to designate the binary prefix where 1000KiB = 1MiB.

zebulon   •   2 days ago

Great !
9. Find files tips (addon)
find . -name "*.gz" -print -delete # Delete files, and print filenames for files that are deleted

Anonymous   •   2 days ago

related to #30: Find which installed packages have files matching a particular substring:
dpkg -S .ico

rachid   •   a day ago

your post is a time saver. I print it and hang it on my desk.

Anonymous   •   a day ago

Here is a site related to this topic: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/browse

Anonymous   •   a day ago

For #21, using `screen` could be a better alternative.

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